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    How do we avoid whitening when making custom boxes?

    2018-12-26 09:29:23 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 68

    Perhaps many people do not understand the meaning of whitening, whitening is not we we simply understand that the box is white except for the product design. Our design is said to be the design of the visual space, that is, too few design elements, the gap between the patterns too large and so on.

    The above situation will give people too few elements of the box picture, lack of design sense, layer sense, single visual effect of the picture; But we must not say at this time that since you say that the design elements are too small, then I will cover you with the entire packaging surface, which will bring about another phenomenon is that the elements are too much and too full, Patterns are messy, non-dominant, and make it difficult to understand what your theme is.

    When we do box customization, we should make reasonable whitening and increase the sense of layer, design and picture. To achieve the design elements of the rational configuration, proper coordination, highlight the message we want to convey and express the focus.

    The unreasonable retention of white is the main reason why the overall picture of the packaging box is very empty. The solution is to remove unreasonable elements and use elements that are well integrated with the product diagram to fill them. 

    Such as: through the decorative and strong design of watermark text to fill, enhance the overall design of the box picture, so that the packaging is no longer monotonous. This requires that we not only select the main elements, but also take full account of the auxiliary elements. Sometimes using reasonable auxiliary elements can achieve unexpected results.

    As long as we have a good overall proportion of the packaging design, the product pattern is used properly, sometimes we can also make a satisfactory packaging box without adding other auxiliary elements.