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    What are the development trends of packaging printing technology?

    2019-01-24 10:03:49 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 5346

    Society is progressing, demand is increasing, progress and demand are promoting the development and change of technology. Technology is to serve the needs of the market. With market demand, there will be technological iterative progress. If market demand declines and disappears, its corresponding technology will decline and disappear. When technology is not entirely driven by the market, and sometimes technology can react with the market to promote market development, increase market share, and promote market development and change, some innovative technological developments and changes can create part of market demand. And extending the life cycle of technology, of course, most of the market is guided by the advancement of technology.

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    First, the status quo of domestic printing technology development

    Nowadays, compared with developed regions, China's packaging and printing industry is still relatively backward in technology, lacking independent innovation capability and competitiveness.
    What is the main aspect of that?
    1. The speed of China's packaging machinery technology update is relatively slow compared to other developed regions.
    2. The promotion of new processes and materials is narrow and the penetration rate is low.
    3. The reliability of control technology and products is relatively poor.
    4. The lack of precision in domestic packaging machinery and equipment, due to its low level of equipment and outdated equipment, is another result of low production efficiency.
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    Second, the development trend of packaging box printing technology
    1. Internet +
    Cloud printing and Internet packaging are becoming an important direction for the transformation of the packaging and printing industry. Similar to our previous development of printed e-commerce, it has effectively solved the prominent contradiction in the packaging industry. Internet packaging links all parties in the industrial chain to the same platform. Informatization, big data, and intelligent production will greatly improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and provide customers with fast, convenient, low-cost, high-quality integrated services. The Internetization of the packaging and printing industry will undergo tremendous changes, and industry consolidation is welcoming new strengths. We can also see that many leading printing companies have laid out the Internet field.
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    2. Packaging and printing intelligence
    With the introduction of China's "Made in China 2025" plan, many industries want to stand on the enthusiasm of Industry 4.0, and achieve industrial upgrading through intelligent transformation, reducing the cost of enterprises. However, the capital and pressure to be invested in the early stage of packaging intelligentization is still very large, and the intelligent printing of packaging boxes is more suitable for large-scale packaging box printing manufacturers.
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