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    How to avoid homogenization in a highly competitive environment?

    2019-01-21 14:04:00 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 5171
    Nowadays, the competition in the packaging and printing industry is becoming more and more fierce, the packaging boxes are becoming more and more homogeneous, and the industry control and requirements are becoming more and more strict. Speaking of this many children's shoes will ask, what is homogenization? Homogenization is: the phenomenon that the products of different brands in the same large category imitate each other in terms of performance, appearance and even marketing means, and gradually converge. The market competition behavior based on the homogenization of goods is called “homogeneous competition”. It can refer to the phenomenon that there are roughly the same types, production methods, production processes, and information of the same content in a certain field. How do we avoid homogenization competition in the box printing industry?
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    First, we must pay attention to differentiation.
    We want to avoid the homogenization of the box. At this time, we must combine the characteristics of goods and brands to make distinctive and bold creative packaging. We will not take the usual path and dare to break through; this includes such a novel name, irregular The size and shape, the new packaging materials and the personalized brand logo. Differentiate packaging design from individual aspects such as color, shape, transparency, brand perspective and interaction design; however, one problem we should pay attention to is to ensure that the package produced by the design can improve the brand in a short time. Attention and reputation increase consumer acceptance of our packaging and products, increase added value and increase sales of products.
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    Second, the packaging box must be cleverly integrated into the current fashion elements.
    In the moment, not only the upgrading of goods is fast, but also the aesthetics of people are constantly changing, that is, each period has corresponding fashion elements. For example, in 2018, purple is relatively popular in other colors, but the different colors of different goods are different. What we just said is the fashion color on clothing, so we must always pay attention to the aesthetic trend of the market. Each period has its own popular colors, and the packaging box printing needs to constantly adjust itself to adapt to the cultural information of the new era, make full use of modern scientific and technological achievements, new materials, new processes, reduce packaging costs, pay attention to environmental protection, and make its own brand. Recognized and accepted by more people, it stands out among many commodities.
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    Third, the culture is integrated into the packaging.
    Competitive and successful packaging boxes are generally clever use of corporate culture and traditional cultural elements as a form of packaging, such as some paper-cut art, Facebook, blue-and-white porcelain, Tang suits and classical fans. The combination of tradition and current technology gives innovation to content and technology, and a new sublimation of the use value of the product. Such packaging has emotional factors and also shows the personality characteristics of the product brand. Sometimes such innovations tend to Some unexpected effects were achieved in circulation and sales.
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    The demand and style of packaging will change with the times, and the packaging manufacturers and designers must capture information in a timely and accurate manner. We must pursue innovation when making package printing, but under the premise of quality and quantity, because innovation in this era means long-term survival.

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