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    How to judge the quality of the box as a non-professional?

    2019-01-15 09:29:22 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 1061
    The market for custom packaging boxes is vast, and there are countless boxes of all kinds of colors. A good box is often more attractive to people, people will choose a dress that suits their body to dress themselves, as well as goods, and vice versa. So how do we judge the quality of a box as a non-professional? How to choose the box that meets our needs? Let us briefly introduce it below.
    custom packaging box

    The printing and manufacturing process of the packaging box is more complicated. The design, production and production of a printed product are often completed through multiple processes, which will vary according to the company environment, staff and time. In the production process of the packaging box, a series of management and process operations are affecting the quality of the printed matter of the packaging box. The main performance is the color difference of the packaging printing color. The color difference can be divided into the original color difference, the same batch color difference, the same batch color difference, etc. category. The color tone of the reproduced original is the purpose of printing and copying, and the uniformity of the print and the original is a very high standard of subjective evaluation. The same batch of color difference is generally the color error between the same batch of printing paper of the same batch in the same hue area; on the contrary, the color difference of the same batch refers to the color error between different batches of packaging boxes. When the boxes are put together, the difference in color of the prints can be clearly seen. This will make people visually compare. They think that these boxes are new and old, deceived, and they doubt the inner quality of the box. It is as unstable, produces distrust, and reduces trust in the box factory. This is a very unfavorable effect.

    custom packaging box
    In the design, printing and production process of the packaging box, both the customer and the gift box packaging manufacturer have a common expectation that the color error of the printed matter is minimized or even zero, but due to various conditions in the actual printing production. The limitation, the combination of various influencing factors, zero error is impossible. We can only improve the quality management of all aspects of the design from the design to the production, so that the quality of all aspects of the packaging box is highly controlled, and the color error is greatly reduced.

    custom packaging box
    The above is the method of judging whether the package is good or bad by the color difference. In addition to the above, we can also see whether the printed color has impurities, whether the color ink is uniform or the like. We have to measure from the integrity of the package, not just from a single standard, which is something that our non-professionals can easily see.