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    What are the hazards and how to avoid the transition packaging of the box?

    2018-12-27 09:09:06 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 83

     Box overpacking is not conducive to economic development in the pursuit of resource conservation and environmental protection. What is the social burden and harm caused by overpacking, and how can we avoid overpacking?

    Hazards of overpacking:

    1. The problem of social resources: economic development can not be achieved at the cost of destroying the environment and wasting resources. Unreasonable packaging will increase the consumption of resources and energy. In the long run, it will pose a threat to the entire development of our country and is not conducive to the development of the national economy. 

    2. Environmental issues: If the packaging box is overpackaged, it will naturally be excessive in material and process, and more waste will be generated during the printing process, such as too much paper and too much process. This not only increases the resource cost of printing this link(such as increased process will increase waste emissions), but also the cost of resource recovery and utilization at the source and after flowing to consumers. Some chemical products are not degradable, causing environmental pressure. China's annual investment in the huge cost of environmental governance, forming a national burden.

    3. Increase consumer purchase costs and commodity circulation costs: Excessive packaging will cause a lot more transportation costs in transporting the box than transporting the general packaging, because these packaging will have some special details. Therefore, the cost of transportation packaging must be high. In the process of selling products, sellers will also use excessive packaging "advantages" to hype, increase sales prices and increase the burden on consumers, because the costs of packaging must be recovered from consumers. Fourth, it is not conducive to the continued maintenance of the market: sensible consumers will realize why the costs caused by excessive packaging by businesses should be borne by our consumers. Consumers will realize that this is a deception to consumers and it is an unfair act. If consumers do not respond, it will also lead to the formation of a "packaging comparison" culture.

    Evasion measures:

    1. We should have a sense of social responsibility: When we design packaging boxes, we should rationalize the packaging. We should consider whether the packaging printing process is complex, whether the packaging materials are easy to obtain, and whether printing and printing will bring about any burden on the environment. 

    2. To consider the cost of each link, whether it is the cost of circulation or the cost of sales, we should take into account the fact that we can protect the product and decoration, and can not make the cost of packaging exceed the cost of the product. 

    3. To protect the rights and interests of consumers, products can not be packaged to the detriment of consumers 'rights and interests.

    The above analysis shows that packaging design can not be carried out at the expense of environment and social burden. Today's packaging box design is more and more pursuing simplification and environmental protection, but there are still some businesses who want to gain a place through over-packaging. This short-sighted vision is not conducive to development, so we must establish the correct packaging awareness and concept.