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    What are the advantages of personalized box printing now?

    2019-01-17 09:30:59 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 1085

    In box printing, packaging is becoming more and more personalized, and it is becoming more and more common in our lives. We can also know the market and prospects of personalized customization. In markets where supply exceeds demand, personalized packaging is becoming more and more important, playing an indispensable role in life and business activities. With the advent of digital printing, I think that personalized box printing will have a large proportion in the future printing industry. What are the specific advantages of the sexual box printing?

    custom packaging box
    1. Personalized printing is smaller than traditional printing restrictions
    Personalized printing is also based on our life and business activities, personalized packaging and printing can be done regardless of the crowd and region. As long as there is output of the product, there are consumer groups, there are commercial activities, and packaging printing has its truth.

    2. Personalized printing is the new blood of printing
    We can see that some traditional printing industries have become increasingly declining, and the entire industry needs to inject new blood. How to do so can meet the current market demand, meet the increasingly small and quantitative status of printing needs; our industry must continuously solve problems, find problems and discover new development opportunities, because this affects the survival of enterprises. Personalized packaging meets the above characteristics and requirements of packaging and printing, and solves the problems that traditional printing companies cannot solve or are unwilling to solve, making personalized packaging printing have great development potential.

    custom packaging box
    3. China will be the starting point of the personalized printing market
    In China, personalized packaging printing is not well known to everyone. It can be said that it is still in its infancy, and all the links are still not perfect, but it is formed in a small scale among individual manufacturers. Personalized packaging not only has a demand for packaging materials, but also has high requirements for printing talents. This will bring about an increase in printing costs. With the improvement of people's living standards, personalized packaging will change from a consciousness to an acceptance process, from the ever-increasing digital accessory product packaging box (headphone box, data cable box, Bluetooth audio box, charger box, The industry can see the development prospects of personalized packaging printing in the mobile power packaging box, mobile phone tempered film packaging box and mobile phone case packaging box.

    4. Personalization is not only a fashion of packaging, but also a market demand.
    The rapid development of the product market, the more and more personalized products, the need to personalize the packaging, people's requirements for packaging are no longer tied to the popular consumption concept. Our consumers also hope to reflect their individuality in life. This demand is no longer the demand of product manufacturers, which has risen to the level of demand of our consumers.

    custom packaging box
    Printing companies must adapt to the times and markets to make corresponding changes in order to stand firm in this fast-growing market and to be based on long-term development.