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    What is the printing performance of the packaging paper?

    2019-01-16 09:10:46 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 1139

    When printing in a box, it is important to understand the performance of the paper so that a good box can be printed. The performance of the package paper can affect the printing process of the package, such as the process, the way in which the printing needs to be used, and the precautions for transportation. What are the properties of the packaging paper?

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    First, the smoothness of the paper
    The smoothness of the paper is extremely important in the printing performance. Regardless of the type of printing, the printed matter of the smooth paper is very clear whether it is the writing or the outline of the image; what is the reason? This is because the paper with high smoothness has good contact with the plate when embossing, and the ink layer on the printing plate can be uniformly transferred to the paper surface; on the contrary, the printing paper with low smoothness is not printed due to the surface. Flattening, the ink layer is transferred to the paper surface to form an uneven pattern. Some people say that I use lithography, which uses a flexible blanket for indirect transfer of ink layers, so I don't need paper with high smoothness; I want to say that only the products you print are too low-end, if you When printing high-end products, it is still necessary to select paper with higher smoothness for printing.

    Second, the ink absorption of paper
    The ink absorbency of paper refers to the paper's absorption of ink. That is, the more the absorption of the printed paper on the packaging paper, the better the ink absorption of the paper, and vice versa, the strongness of the ink absorption, mainly the reflection of the penetration of the binder in the ink.
    The absorption of ink by paper mainly depends on the size of the gap between the paper fibers, that is, the tightness of the paper. When the gap between the paper fibers is small, the amount of creped fibers is small, and the ink absorption of the paper is not good. However, if the gap is too large, not only the amount of the binder is absorbed, but also the material is absorbed together, and the offset phenomenon occurs. The ink absorbency of the paper is closely related to the structure of the paper. It is also related to the viscosity of the ink, and is also related to the printing pressure and the length of the imprinting time.

    Third, the elasticity and plasticity of printed paper
    We know that paper will definitely be deformed to varying degrees during the printing process. Paper will also be deformed due to the mechanical action, due to the pressure generated by its various machinery; we know that deformation can be divided into elastic deformation and plastic deformation, elastic deformation refers to the pressure can be removed after a certain period of time Reverting to the original shape, and plastic deformation means that the original shape cannot be restored within a certain period of time after the pressure is removed. The deformation of the paper depends on the humidity, calendering and compaction of the paper itself. The fibers are elastic and the sensitivity of the fibers is very advantageous for the printing process.

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    Fourth, the surface strength of the paper
    The surface strength of printed paper is based on the abrasion resistance, powder drop, and hair loss of the paper surface. If we want to get a clear dot, we should use a high viscosity ink. If the paper is not strong enough, it will not meet our printing requirements. 

    Fifth, another is the water content of the printed paper.
    The paper moisture content is the weight of the water contained in the paper as a percentage of the weight of the paper. The amount of water in the paper directly affects the quality of the package printing; when the paper contains too much water, the strength of the paper will decrease. When subjected to pressure, the fiber will be pulled out, the plasticity will increase, and the drying speed of the blot will be affected. When the water content of the paper is too small, not only will the paper be brittle and easily damaged, but also static electricity will occur.

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    The above is an introduction to the performance of the printed paper in the box, I hope to help you. (This article is made by Shenzhen Jiajie packaging box printing and processing custom manufacturers original, reproduced must indicate the source: www.hkgathe.com, cherish the labor results of others, is to respect yourself!)