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    What are the costs in the customization of the packaging box for our manufacturers?

    2019-01-22 09:39:15 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 4859
    In the customization of the packaging box, the cost is different, that is, the packaging cost is high or low, and some of the cost is not only visible on the surface, but "invisible". How can box printers find these “hidden forms” and find the reasons for the high cost of custom packaging, which will reduce the cost of customers and our manufacturers, create more profit margins, and make every customer can afford it. The cost of custom packaging. Which cost is our “invisible printing cost” for our packaging manufacturers?
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    First, the procurement cost of raw materials
    Although different packaging manufacturers have different procurement channels, the procurement process is just an important part of the printing cost. Some of our purchasers of some box printers, especially some newcomers to the company, often have no experience and often only pay attention to the price and quantity of purchases, it is difficult to see some deeper influence factors. If you only consider the price and ignore the length of time, some customers' orders are very urgent, while some manufacturers delay the customer's time in order to reduce the procurement cost of raw materials, because the customer has placed the order and you have not been late. Production started, which delayed the delivery cycle. The above mentioned phenomenon is common in some manufacturers. We cannot blindly reduce the direct cost of procurement when purchasing, but also consider the hidden costs. Sometimes the cost we can't see is the long-term development. the elements of.
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    Second, stagnant resource costs
    Some people will not know what the cost of stagnant resources is? The cost of stagnation is extremely extensive in our packaging printers. What are the specific costs? Such as the cost of goods backlog in our warehouse, the cost of some long-term idle printing equipment, the idle funds in our accounts, the low-utilization job occupation and so on. Because our warehouse capacity is limited, some of our equipment has been depreciated from the day of purchase, the funds in the account are not idle for a long time to create value, and some rarely used personnel and departments have to pay fees. . These are the specific contents of our stagnation costs, we must strive to reduce and avoid.

    Third, management costs
    Management costs are often not seen by us. Many companies have imperfect management and unreasonable daily work arrangements. Some factory managers lack professional production management knowledge, and management is extremely lacking in normativeness. This has led to some irregularities in production and delays in production, resulting in a decline in quality and a decline in customer satisfaction. This will cause great obstacles to the long-term cooperation with customers, and it will not be advantageous, so this will inevitably increase our cost.
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    Fourth, the cost of manufacturing links
    The production process of most factories is chaotic, there is no standardized production process, and the degree of standardization is low, so that the cost of production cannot be reasonably controlled. In some factories, we can often see some reworked or even scrapped products, resulting in extreme waste of resources, whether it is material cost or human resource cost. This is caused by the chaos and lack of regulation in the management of manufacturing and manufacturing, so our packaging and printing manufacturers should pay enough attention.

    Fifth,the overtime cost of personnel
    Not only do many bosses think that working overtime is to work hard and create more value, and some employees think so. Actually, these are basically what we call "pseudo-workers." Many people in China are used to developing a habit of overtime work. They don't know that the efficiency of overtime work is very low. Not only waste of overtime pay but also wastes company resources. Overtime work will not only cause dissatisfaction of some employees' psychological emotions, but also consume more staff energy and physical strength, seriously overdraw the health of employees, and will cause safety hazards in the long run. This is the hidden form of the creation.
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    Sixth, the company's talent flow costs
    Regardless of whether it is an office or a factory, the departure of an old employee or an important employee is a loss for the company; because the company has to supplement the original job vacancy, it is necessary to assume that the new employee is qualified for the job, the running-in period and training of a job. Fees, etc. Another risk is the loss of important information about the loss of important employees, and it is likely to become a key member of their competitors.

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