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    The importance of proofing in packaging printing

    2019-01-19 10:03:12 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 4636
    What is proofing?
    Proofing is the work of putting a printed plate on a proofing machine for trial printing, called proofing.

    Proofing should correctly reproduce the original tone levels and colors. Proofing is an important process.

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    What is the role of proofing?

    Generally, there are three main functions: First, it is beneficial to check the quality of each process of plate making. Use proofing to check the effects of color separation, etc., and feed back to the previous process to change. Second, it is conducive to provide customers with the basis for review. The proofreading can be printed after being signed by the customer. Third, it is conducive to provide ink color, specifications and other reference and reference data for official printing. The quality of proofing directly affects whether we can obtain orders, so proofing is very important for our printing manufacturers; good proofing is good for us to obtain orders and market, and it is also beneficial for us to save costs. What can we do to avoid unnecessary cost increases? Increase corporate profits?

    We can circumvent from the following points:
    1. Clarify customer needs and reduce proofing costs

    The standard of proofing is carried out according to the standard of large goods, and the sample that meets the customer's requirements is produced. The ability to satisfy the customer's needs is considered successful. If it is judged by its own subjective consciousness, it is not necessarily successful on the customer side. Therefore, we must also proof the paper that the customer needs before proofing, because the effect of different paper proofing is different, so to fully understand the customer requirements, the sample will not be wasted.

    2. Do a good job planning before proofing

    The work we need to do before proofing is: planning - evaluation - implementation - results analysis - results summary - re-planning. After we have sampled the customer and confirmed it, we can find and correct many of our problems, but the main problem is the design flaw. Proofing can be said to be the simulated production before the official bulk production, through the lack of trapping, laying the foundation, accumulating experience for mass production, thus avoiding the loss of mass production, so we have to use the proofing to achieve mass production.

    3. Proofing is the basis of standard processes
    What is the role of the standard proofs? The first is to build a bridge between us and our customers; the second is to facilitate the exchange of opinions between the various processes, equipment adjustment, quality assurance standards; the third is the basis for material purchase; the fourth is the key link to track improvement.

    The above functions are all produced under standard conditions. It is impossible to have the above functions without being made under standard conditions. Therefore, we need to standardize in many aspects, such as process standards, operating standards, procurement standards and quality standards, so that the samples we produce meet the requirements, thus avoiding the misunderstandings caused by our customers and reducing the rework costs, ie operating costs. Reap the profits we can get.

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    4. The company establishes a proofing system
    In order for all employees of the company to pay attention to the importance of proofing, it is necessary to recognize the awareness of proofing even large goods, whether it is the company's grassroots personnel or the company's top management. Budget and assessment of each production link, clear responsibility, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of proofing.
    The success of proofing is the key to the survival of the company. Only if the proof is successful, will there be follow-up production actions, so that the company can make profits and employees can survive.