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    How to realize the beauty of the carton

    2018-11-08 10:51:28 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 79
    There are a lot of card trays in life. There are gift boxes in shopping malls, which are used for gifts. In the case of paper differences, sometimes I think about how to increase the value. Although packaging is very important, Different designs have different packaging effects that are completely different. In the design of the carton, we need to excavate information from the aspects of the packaged goods and their cultural background, and then comprehensively consider to create a design pattern that fits the product itself, simple but not too low-grade, restrained and luxurious.

    A novel carton shape also plays a decisive role in the competition of goods. According to the shape and feeling of the product, it excavates and designs the carton shape suitable for the goods from the aspects of movement, volume and depth. The carton is a three-dimensional shape used to package goods, enhance the visual effect of the carton, and make the carton appear to be of a grade, which can greatly enhance the competitiveness and added value of the product.

    It is important to choose a strong box manufacturer. Whether it is the printing of the carton or the shape of the carton, if you want to embody its design concept, now more and more new styles are accompanied by the replacement of the design, and this expensive price can only be achieved by large manufacturers. Realized, so after a beautiful carton design is completed, you must choose a big manufacturer to make it a reality.