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    Mobile phone charger storage box purchase tips

    2018-11-08 10:51:52 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 72
    Since the storage box is widely used by everyone, nowadays, the types on the market are also various and the prices are different. Therefore, many consumers are very confused when they purchase. Start, when you buy a mobile phone charger storage box, you also need to master some skills, then, what are the mobile phone charger storage box purchase skills? How to make it?

    Mobile phone charger storage box purchase tips

    1. Storage box material: There are many storage box materials, such as kraft paper, rattan, plastic, non-woven fabric, etc. These materials have their own characteristics. If there are fewer things, you can choose plastic, lighter; more things, or use Oxford cloth; if you worry about too much dust in the room, then the storage box of non-woven film is easier to clean.

    2, the items to be stored: Before choosing the storage box, you must first think about the items you intend to store. For example, if you want to store clothes that are not commonly used, you can choose a stool-style storage box. The stool-style storage box is simple in shape. It can be used as a seat stool or convenient for collecting and sorting all kinds of sundries. Also has a certain decorative effect. If you store underwear or cosmetics, you need to use a storage box containing bamboo charcoal, which is more hygroscopic and antibacterial than the general non-woven storage box, so that you can say goodbye to the odor and dust troubles of mothballs, and protect the underwear.

    3. Space saving: When purchasing a storage box, it is best to buy a folding one, which can save space to the greatest extent. When using the storage box, it can be unfolded layer by layer, and can be folded without using. The stool storage box is loved by the majority of storage people for this reason, and is called a space magician.

    4. Aesthetics: The storage box is not only a tool for loading various items, but also has the effect of beautifying the home environment. Therefore, it is best to buy a beautiful storage box with a pattern and a pattern to add luster to the home environment, making people look more pleasing to the eye, such as Lotus, lotus and other patterns are good.

    5, The convenience of disassembly and assembly: the purchase of the storage box has to take good care of it, in case of moving, it can be easily disassembled. Therefore, when purchasing, try to buy a convenient disassembly, do not buy one-piece.