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    Packaging Cautions

    2018-12-07 13:59:24 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 57

    Protctive box also named packagin box,which to protective product in the process of shipping,  Good packaging design needs to consider more aspects, now let us to explain some things to pay attention .

    1. Production:
    While ensuring the safety and perfection of the packaging box, we must consider whether the design can achieve accurate, rapid and mass production, and whether it is conducive to workers 'rapid and accurate processing, molding, loading and sealing.

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    2, safety:
    Ensuring the safety of goods and consumers is the fundamental starting point for packaging design. When designing a commodity, safety and protection measures should be considered according to the characteristics and characteristics of the commodity. Different commodities may require different packaging materials, and special attention should be paid to the problems of sun protection, moisture protection, corrosion protection, leakage prevention and flame prevention. Make sure the goods are in good condition under any circumstances and that no accidents occur.

    3. Humanization:

    A good packaging box must be suitable for the transportation, storage, exhibition and sale of goods, and consumers can easily carry and open. Therefore, when designing a commodity, we must meet these points: the proportion is reasonable, the structure is rigorous, the shape is exquisite, the emphasis is on the shape and material beauty of the box type, the coordination beauty, the rhythm and rhythm beauty, and the structural function of the box is complete and the shape is exquisite. Thus adapt to production, sales and even use. Common commodity box structure mainly includes open window type, suspension type, handbag type, open type, closed type and other forms of combination.

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    4. Promotions:
    A good packaging box itself has the characteristics of marketing, has its own unique style, can leave an impression in the customer's mind. Even if customers don't buy at first, they can think of you when they need you later.

    5. Environmental protection:
    The world is now advocating environmental protection, green packaging and reasonable consumption. Only those boxes that endanger people's health and do not pollute the environment can become the final choice of consumers. Otherwise, they must go for a short period of time.

    6. Artistic sense:
    The high value of art packaging box production is easier to attract customers 'attention, bring people aesthetic experience, get customers' favor. Now consumers need not only quality, but also "color value."

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