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    Why do data line boxes have to be customized?

    2018-12-07 11:19:28 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 66

    As consumers, we understand that a product is basically what it begins to understand on its packaging. The quality of packaging can determine whether we start to understand and buy later. It is easy to produce impulsive consumption in our current shopping. The better the packaging, the more consumers 'desire to buy. The greater the probability of impulsive consumption, the higher the purchase rate. The same product good packaging is more advantageous than the same product has more advantages. Then as a data line sales or manufacturers should pay more attention to the external image of the product is packaging. We should note a few points:
    1, In line with the data line shape
    According to the specific form of the data line, the box that meets the requirements of the data line packaging should be designed in accordance with the design concept. It should be used to a very large extent in the spatial structure to avoid waste of resources caused by over-packaging. The material and process must be green. Environmental protection.
    2, Show more forms
    In the product display, we should adopt as many ways and forms as possible to show the product to customers, the important or visual experience, to make the product very attractive.
    3, More high-end and more sales power
    Packaging has always been known as the "silent salesman", saying that good packaging has a promotional function, attracts customers 'attention, and stimulates their desire to purchase. Customized boxes can be unique in the same kind of data lines, can quickly attract customers, good packaging can make the specific characteristics and attributes of data lines directly reflected in the box, can more intuitive display to customers. At the time of the purchase, the consumer's mind reacts to the purchase and causes the purchase. In developed regions, the data line packaging accounts for 40 % of the total value of its data lines. It can be seen that the importance of packaging can not be ignored.
    4, Enhance brand awareness

    A good data box can give people a good sense of creativity. Packaging in commercial competition can increase the added value of goods, increase competitiveness and stimulate consumers 'desire to purchase. It has a clear promotion effect. It ultimately affects the consumer's concept and behavior to establish a data line brand image, thus achieving marketing strategy success. Good data lines need good packaging, good packaging needs good design and printing.

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