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    What kind of box is tailor-made for the product?

    2019-01-03 09:32:33 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 789

    As a product manufacturer, we all want a packaging box that matches our products well, that is, what we call tailor-made. Although the packaging boxes of our products are designed before production, many times the packaging boxes designed are not quite satisfactory.

    The role of the box is to reflect and convey the value of the commodity. The box participates in the entire process of the production, circulation and sale of the commodity and plays an extremely important role in the commodity. Therefore, this is not only the commodity production enterprises should be concerned about the issue, but also packaging and printing enterprises should be concerned about. The main function of the box is to protect the goods and transmit the main information of the goods. In addition to the main two functions, the box must also have the convenience of the buyer's use, transportation and sales. Packaging is to integrate many factors to design, not only the combination of goods but also the packaging art. The basic function of a successful packaging box is to have a clear design, image, recognition, easy to remember and other functions.

    Our packaging box is a combination of materials and processes, shape and structure of the packaging box and the appearance of the packaging beautifying and decorative design. The three elements of the box are the size of the box, the shape and size of the box. There are three kinds of shapes that we often find in life, that is, natural forms also have artificial forms and occasional forms. When we study the morphological structure of a product, we need to find a form that applies to all properties, and we need to extract common regular things from what we call abstract forms.

    The principle of shape beautification of the appearance elements of the box, we should generally consider the rules: symmetry and equilibrium of the graphics, proportion and scale, rhythm and rhythm, comparison and association, stability and lightness, contrast and reconciliation, repetition and Echo, unity and change. But now with the personalization of packaging, many packages no longer adhere to these principles. Instead, the design is more bold and personal. In the packaging design of goods, the courage to break through the convention, we may get unexpected results.