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    How to design the packaging according to the characteristics of digital products?

    2019-01-02 09:25:45 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 816

    Our packaging must be reasonably designed according to the characteristics of the product so that the packaging can be reasonably protected and the value of its packaging and commodities can be realized.

    What are the characteristics of digital products?

    1. Fear of collision, extrusion, extrusion and collision will damage the inside or outside of digital electronic products, not only affect the performance of the product but also seriously affect the beauty of its products;

    2. Fear of humidity, causing short circuits, or oxidation of metal interfaces, this is an important issue for digital products to consider, which will affect the service life of digital products.

    3. Fear of the entry of dust, grease, pollution of internal lines, affecting internal parts, causing damage is also taken into account the product's service life;

    4. Afraid of static electricity, static electricity will hurt some electronic components in digital electronic products, will cause damage to parts and machines, reduce work efficiency, common such as our computer host static electricity in winter.

    The high temperature environment, which is afraid of heat and high temperature, will not only damage the appearance of digital electronic products, but also destabilize the performance of some internal parts, which will directly affect the functional use of the products.

    What is the purpose of digital packaging design?

    The purpose of packaging design is to select suitable packaging materials and buffer materials according to the characteristics of the product's use and transportation characteristics to reasonably protect the goods and achieve the requirements and purposes of packaging. This requires that we have a good understanding of the goods and which packaging materials have the advantages.

    What are the functions of digital packaging design?

    The function of packaging design is of course to judge according to the characteristics and requirements of the commodity. Our general function of packaging design is to protect the commodity, facilitate the handling and storage of the commodity, facilitate the display and sale of the commodity, and accurately convey the commodity information. The beauty of packaging decoration and corporate brand image can not be ignored; In the packaging design, we should use the design elements to carry out reasonable collocation, design concept, and fully reflect the value of the product.

    What are the special techniques for packaging digital products?

    1.Seismic technology for packaging

    Seismic packaging we call buffer packaging, our common buffer packaging materials used are Honeycomb cardboard, corner board, corrugated cardboard, plastic foam, bubble film, wrinkle paper and so on. Our digital product packaging is generally based on digital product packaging carton, on the inside of the packaging plastic bubble, bubble film or corrugated gasket and paper support, etc., using these buffer materials to achieve the purpose of earthquake prevention.

    2.Wet proof process for packaging

    In the packaging box moisture prevention measures, we commonly used in the product packaging is a layer of plastic film, aluminum foil, wax paper and other waterproof packaging materials, as well as in the packaging put desiccant and so on. In addition, moisture protection will be carried out on the packaging printing process, such as polishing, polishing, coating, waxing on the surface of the packaging box, or using a film machine to spray a layer of polyethylene or polypropylene on the surface of the cardboard. The anti-moisture and anti-fouling properties of the box are greatly improved, and the toughness, airtightness and tensile resistance of the box can also be increased.

    3. Thermal-proof process of packaging

    Our electronic packaging materials use aluminum foil, aluminum foil reflective can play an anti-radiation heat insulation, resist the conduction of external heat, and have a good moisture protection function. There are also waterborne thermal reaction insulation coatings made of acrylic nanometer emulsion coated on the packaging. This nano thermal insulation and environmental protection coating material can effectively reflect infrared light, reduce the absorption of heat energy from the packaging material, and have anti-corrosion, waterproof, and heat insulation advantages.

    According to the above, we can know the importance of understanding the characteristics and uses of the packaged goods before doing the packaging design.