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    Chracteristics of phone charger box

    2018-12-13 15:15:59 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 95

    There are many types of charger or charger packaging boxes. Different products need to be equipped with different boxes. Let's talk about the characteristics of these two common charger boxes.

    Phone charger packaging box

    Box type: the mobile phone charger packaging box is mostly the upper and lower double socket lock bottom type, and the car charger packaging box mostly adopts the heaven and earth cover box packaging structure, but also adopts the upper and lower double socket lock bottom packaging structure.

    Phone charger packaging box

    Material: The material of the box with the double socket lock structure mentioned above is mainly single powder(copper plate paper). We know that the main materials used in the cover box are gray plates or other materials to surround the four faces of the bottom of the box to form a nested package.

    On the inner support: the double socket bottom type box type inner support is mostly used as the inner care, and the shape of the inner care is mostly shaped according to the shape of the product, making it a product that can wrap half of the product. The other half leaks out, The leaking part appears at the open window of the package; The other kind of heaven and earth cover box has EVA, Pearl cotton, and paper cards as the inner support.

    The above is our common charger box type, structure and commonly used accessories.