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    What are the printing processes for general data line packaging?

    2018-12-06 10:14:30 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 87

    There are some different printing processes of books that are sold in the market. For a data line manufacturer, what packaging of data lines do they need? How to increase sales and make their own products more competitive in their class? Packaging plays a very important role in it. Here are some common printing processes of data line.

    1. Communicate with customers

    The main purpose of our communication with customers is to ask whether the customer needs design, what kind of requirements are there on the materials, printing process, quantity is needed. A quote will be generated based on the overall requirements of customer and then take the next step after their satisfaction.

    2, Select paper

    General data cable packaging boxes are widely used the single art paper, grey board paper, double copper paper, kraft paper and plastic and so on. The commonly used gram weights of single art paper are: 80g, 105g, 128g, 157g, etc. Different data lines need to be designed according to different requirements, and then choose paper and process.

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    3, Printing

    Printing is divided into spot color printing and four-color printing(CMYK). Spot color printing refers to a printing process that uses a color ink other than the four colors of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black inks to copy the original color. In the package printing, a large areas of background color is often printed by a spot color printing process. Four-color printing is a color picture printed in three subtractive primaries (yellow, magenta, and cyan) and black. The color image of the original used for printing must be separated into individual color separation sheets, and a black color separation plate is added to correct the inks of cyan, magenta, and yellow to improve the blackness of the printed image. These films are used to make four plates for four-color printing.

    4, Backing

    The combination of paper and corrugated tile is the first post-press process of offset veneer. The viscosity and press-bonding directly affect the efficiency and molding effect of the cartridge. In order to avoid the squeezing damage of the corrugated height during the crepe lamination process, on the one hand, the cardboard should not be too soft, the moisture content should be controlled below 14%, and on the other hand, the pressure, angle and speed of the press part should be adjusted to moderate.

    5, Die cutting

    Die-cutting refers to the process of cutting the whole paper into a package that can be folded. The die-cutting process can make the printed matter or other paper products into a die-cutting die according to the pre-designed graphics. So that the shape of the print will be shaped according to the plane requirements of the product. Die-cutting is to add the blade line to the original design when designing. After the paper is passed, the special die-cutting machine and the corresponding blade will be used to press out the shape of the carton and submit it to the next process.

    6, Guling

    According to the style of the sample or the product rendering, the parts to be connected on the package are glued together to increase the firmness of the package. It is completed with a lanyard, hook and other packaging boxes.

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    The following is the package delivery, the above are the basic process of data cable packaging, we know that there are many beautiful patterns on the box through the above process is impossible to achieve, let's talk about the printing process: The latter process includes laminating, gold hot stamp, silver hot stamp, UV, embossing, and varnishing.


    (1) Laminating: Covering the paper product with a transparent plastic film, that is, laminating. It is divided into "glossy lamination" and "matt lamination". The surface effect of the glossy lamination is crystal clear, colorful, and permanent staining. With a soft hand and colorful surface color, it is a safe and environmentally-friendly building material that can choose colors according to the changing color perception of the times. The matt lamination distinguishes the color from the surface to be a matte surface, frosted matte surface after coated; protects and increases the gloss. It not only improves the gloss and fastness of the printed matter, but also prolongs the service life of the printed matter. And the plastic film protects against moisture, water, dirt, abrasion, folding and chemical corrosion.

    (2) Gold hot stamp: refers to heat the metal plate, apply foil, and emboss the golden text or pattern on the printed matter; mainly to improve the level of the product.

    (3) Silver hot stamp: Its process principle and gold hot stamp is basically the same, except that the materials used by the two are different. About appearance: one has a golden luster and the other has a silver luster.

    (4) UV: It refers to UV glazing, that is, UV glazing (ULTRAVIOLET), which is an ultraviolet photo-irradiation that initiates a photochemical reaction of UV varnish, forming a bright chemical coating on the surface of the printed matter, mainly adding Product brightness and artistic effect, protect the surface of the product, its hardness, corrosion resistance, scratches and so on.

    (5) Embossing: It is an embossing method without ink. The box is placed in a set of gravure and letterpress corresponding to the graphic. Under a certain pressure, the two templates are pressed to make the box embossed. The process of concave and convex graphics and patterns, the function is to enhance the three-dimensional sense of print and artistic appeal.

    (6) Varnishing: that is, a layer of oil on the surface of the printed matter, the main purpose is: 1. Improve the brightness of the product and improve the level of the product. 2, protect the product, to prevent scratches and anti-dirty. 3. The product has a high degree of slip and the friction between the products is low.

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    The above is some of the basic processes for general data line box printing, and there are also some customized types of data line packaging boxes will take different processes based on different requirements.

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