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    What is the true value of packaging box customization?

    2018-12-30 14:04:35 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 844

    Cost is a ratio between performance and price, many people make a comparison when customizing the box, and then choose the best price of box manufacturers. What is the true price of the box? How does the packing performance of product judge? Many enterprises will feel that it is the function of the box. Is that correct? Hongshida packaging small parts to open the packaging box custom cost of the veil.

    Many companies that need custom boxes believe that the price ratio is cost-effective. This seems to be true, but it is not the case in depth. Product packaging and other products have great differences, especially the packaging concept, the color value of the packaging box and the design and production capacity are closely related, so the strength of the inspection manufacturers is the true price performance of box customization. In other words, a box does not depend on how expensive or cheap it is, but on the consumer's purchase and conversion.

    Many people will say that in fact, the packaging design of products in the market is similar, so their performance is relatively similar, that is, the packaging is homogenized. This is true for most product packaging on the market, but it doesn't seem to be the case for good brand packaging. Good packaging box manufacturers can create the most eye-catching packaging visual senses, while maintaining the unity of the overall brand, achieve the differentiation of sub-brand packaging, can directly bring about sales volume increase, which is also the most intuitive quantitative standard.

    Therefore, when we are in the box manufacturers, the price performance in mind is not only the price ratio of the box, to take full account of the strength of the manufacturers. Instead of just seeing the current price, we need to consider the overall design ability of the manufacturer, not only achieve the unity of the overall brand packaging, but also implement the differentiation of sub-packaging boxes. This is the true performance of box customization.