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    A good box can increase sales?

    2018-12-30 13:53:13 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 838

    The products we buy are basically purchased after we carefully and repeatedly review them. Not only the internal products, but also the packaging outside the products. Because some packaging is different, we don't always see the product. All we see is the packaging. So sometimes packaging is more important than internal products, especially after our current 90s, and sometimes there is no older reason to shop.

    Many enterprises have made great efforts in the packaging of their products. Packaging is one of the most effective ways for enterprises to stimulate consumers and attract consumers 'interest in packaging. Which means what we're talking about has been "touted" to the customer. Will it be far from a purchase if it gets to the customer?

    We can see a lot of design works on many material networks or design websites, but there are very few such packages in our life. The main packaging design effect is very good, but the cost of production and transportation is very high. Most commodity manufacturers can not accept such high packaging costs; Sometimes too high the cost of packaging will not be worth the loss, with great risks.

    Sometimes simple and reasonably packaged boxes are more acceptable to the public than highly personalized packaging, which not only protects the product but also makes it look just right. Some of the packaging that is very pompous and uses a large number of packaging materials to get packaging, is often more and more rational now, and the concept of environmental protection is stronger and stronger now is not very popular.

    Sometimes when customers buy goods, they will use packaging to judge the manufacturers 'consciousness. If they are environmentally conscious, they will stand for us from the perspective of our customers. It is often important to pay special attention to some larger brand companies because it is conducive to brand building or maintenance. We don't want to lose customers because of some detail mistakes. After all, if we lose customers, the later maintenance costs are very high.

    We generally as long as the product packaging design is reasonable, the indicators meet the requirements, from the overall cost and effective control of the consumer heart, so that it is recognized and appreciated by the customers, I think sales naturally do not worry. Sometimes the packing is not what we think is good, but it is to meet the market demand.