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    What can a box printing company do to increase product sales?

    2019-01-23 10:08:16 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 5981

    In the era of overcapacity, whether it is a supermarket or a shopping mall, we can see a wide variety of goods. There are too many goods presented to us at this time, so that we do not know which product to choose. At this time, in the case of most of the goods, an eye-catching package printing and impressive logo became especially important. It can be said that this has been halfway through. The packaging and printing of a good packaging box printing company can be said to make up for the weaknesses of product features and prices, affecting the choices made by customers at the time of purchase and increasing product sales. How can the packaging of the product promote the sales of the product?

    1. Fully analyze the customer groups that our products face in the market

    When analyzing the consumer groups of products, on the one hand, we must look at the consumption power of market groups, on the other hand, we must look at the consumption of market objects. In the face of different consumer groups, we must make corresponding positioning. The consumer groups in our market can be roughly divided into children, students, middle-aged women/male, and the elderly. For each consumer group, we have to make corresponding styles. Price, use, grade, etc. Of course, the specific packaging box function, style, cost should be specifically combined with the product, market analysis should be done before the packaging box.

    packaging box

    2. Comply with the consumer psychology of customers

    We know that brand communication cognition is difficult to change in people's minds. In people's minds, it is always believed that the information that has been learned is correct, because the cost of subverting existing cognitive costs may be enormous. The difficulty will also be very large, mostly ending with failure, so it is necessary to comply with the customer's psychological perception. For example, middle-aged people like to have calm and elegant colors. If they are colorful, the probability of being recognized by middle-aged people will be small.

    Custom packaging box

    3. Introduce the product in detail without cumbersome

    We know that the box usually introduces the origin, raw materials, production process, after-sales telephone, etc. of the product in small letters, and uses some unique fonts or font sizes to display the characteristics of the product; the small-word introduction part allows consumers to deepen their understanding of the product, Reassure, and unique fonts and font sizes can increase the visual impact on consumers.

    packaging box

    4. The packaging of the box should reflect the selling point of the product.

    As mentioned in the brand positioning, the product should reflect the differentiation, and should also reflect the selling point of the product. This kind of selling point is the publicity point of the enterprise. This selling point should be reflected in the packaging design. The embodiment of this selling point can introduce yourself to the time when the consumer is unfamiliar with the product, let the consumer understand himself and promote the purchase. This kind of selling point has a long-term advantage, which has formed a unique advantage of the product.

    packaging box

    5. To investigate the terminal store

    We must not only consider the matching degree between the packaging box and the product, but also consider whether the packaging is in the shopping mall environment in which it is located, whether the layout of the store is coordinated with the overall atmosphere, whether the size and shape are appropriate, whether it corresponds to other advertising images of the product, etc. If you can match the box with the display environment, you can make the brand image a whole sense and attract customers. And this requires the packaging printing company to do the market research carefully in the packaging design, which is also introduced in our previous articles, and will not repeat them here.

    packaging box

    6. The uniqueness of the packaging printing style

    Now, whether it is products or packaging, homogenization is getting more and more serious. If you want to differentiate your products from a wide range of products, we need to differentiate ourselves from the print style and design style. In this case, we must distinguish the color, shape and material of the package. To achieve differentiation on the packaging, this is also the point of sales to increase product sales.

    The above is a few points that our packaging and label printing company summed up in the usual work to improve product sales. There are many places to pay attention to and more important, and hope to attract attention.