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    Why are the different package printer manufacturers different quotes?

    2019-01-19 09:44:17 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 4394

    In general, when our customers need to make a custom-made box, they will consult the price of the relevant type of box. We will quote the price according to the customer's needs. The situation that customers will encounter is that they often get different quotes after comparing a number of them, and the price of some boxes will range from 1 to 5 yuan. Then why is the price difference between the packaging manufacturers different? How to choose as a customer?

    custom packaging box

    Through our many years of experience, we have summarized the following reasons:

    First, the material of the box is different

    In the same name of paper, there are ordinary paper and special paper. By common sense, we know that special paper is much better than ordinary paper, which leads to price difference. Because of the good paper, it has better gloss smoothness and ink absorption, and the pattern printed in the same specifications and crafts will be more beautiful.

    Second, the difference between the packaging equipment

    We know that the price of an imported high-precision printing press ranges from a few million to tens of millions, and some small companies may not have a million ordinary printing presses. We can see the difference in performance between the two devices from the price, and the quality of natural printing will naturally be different. Only high-precision printing presses can achieve high standards. Ordinary printing machines can only do some simple printing and cannot meet the printing requirements of customers. So this is also the reason for the difference between the prices of different packaging manufacturers.

    custom packaging box

    Third, the difference between printing ink

    Above we said that the difference in printing equipment will lead to different printing prices, and the difference in printing ink will also affect the printing price of the box. The inks used in different printing presses are also specified. Not all inks are common. If the ink is used freely, it will be damaged to the printing equipment. The ink used in good printing equipment is generally good, and the price of ink is also more expensive than that of ordinary equipment.

    Fourth, the difference in the services provided

    The services we provide to our customers are multi-faceted, such as providing customers with a variety of product structure solutions, packaging design; sometimes customers come to file production, we will carefully check the documents to see if the documents are wrong, and Communicate with customers in time, avoid the errors in the documents after printing the packaging boxes, reduce the loss of customers from the source, and provide perfect after-sales service; but some customers can not only provide services like the ones we provide above, Some of these services can only be provided and cannot be fully considered for the customer. Nowadays, the product is becoming more and more homogenized. Sometimes it is no longer technology, but a service. Sometimes the amount of service you provide determines the value you can get.

    custom packaging box

    These are just a few of the reasons for the different price of different packaging printers. It is not only these that have different price reasons. A good press can print high-quality boxes, increasing the added value of the box and increasing the sales advantage. So customers can't just see the price at the time of printing, but also see the services provided and the value they bring to the product later.