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    What is the future trend of packaging film lamination process?

    2019-01-22 09:56:38 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 4878

    Things are constantly being updated, and our printing technology is the same. What is the future trend of the packaging printing process? What is the mainstream technology of the subsequent laminating process?

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    First, the film.
    We know that this is a common and traditional method of laminating, and it is a process of using paper-coated composite film with a film coating machine. It is mainly used as a coating film processing factory or a processing workshop. After applying the adhesive to the reel plastic film as needed, it is dried (slightly) composited and pressurized to adhere the paper film together to form a laminating product. The coating equipment has two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic, and its basic working principle is the same; the main processes are unwinding → gluing coating → drying → compounding → slitting → finished product stacking.
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    Second, another film coating method is pre-coated film.
    The pre-coating film is a process in which a plastic film is pre-coated with a film, and then combined with a paper printed product. The pre-coating film is prepared by the pre-coating film processing factory according to the difference in the format of the specification. The glue is coated and re-rolled, and then selected by the manufacturer to be combined with the printed paper. The pre-coating process is mainly pre-adhesive → roll-up → gluing coating (hanging type) → solidification cooling → rewinding → slitting → rewinding volume → finished product packaging. pre-coating machine: temperature adjustment → roll-up → give Paper → heating → compound → slitting → automatic stacking → finished product.
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    It has been proved that the pre-coating rate of some regular manufacturers in the United States is 100%, the usage rate in Europe is 95%, and the usage rate in Japan and Korea is 80%. These basically update the traditional laminating method. However, in China, due to the imbalance of economic distribution, the coating film coating process still occupies a large proportion. Nowadays, the voice of environmentally friendly packaging is getting louder and louder. "Green", "environmental protection" and "energy saving" have been slowly reformed and implemented.

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    In today's era of big data Internet, printing technology is bound to develop in the direction of automation, diversification, informationization, digitization and environmental protection. With the transformation of the business philosophy of China's packaging and box printing manufacturers, as well as market development and consumer demand. "Green, environmental protection, energy saving" must be the future development trend, and the pre-coating film coating process is undoubtedly the first choice in the post-press film field.
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    We must adapt to the development of the market and the times to survive in a highly competitive environment. Enterprises that can survive in a highly competitive environment can accurately grasp the development trend of the industry and adjust their corporate strategies in a timely manner.

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