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    What should I pay attention to when printing 3C digital product packaging?

    2019-01-21 10:03:43 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 4977
    3C digital product packaging, our main purpose is to protect the integrity of the product during the period before it is transported, stored and distributed to consumers. The above is the requirement for packaging. The packaging of 3C digital products is not static. It has to be changed according to the changes of the products. The function of packaging printing is not just to stay on the basic function of protecting products. We need to use the new form of packaging and printing of digital products to guide the consumer group's concept and mentality of products and change the consumer's consumption concept.
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    The range of digital products is very wide. The packaging of our large digital products is not the same as the packaging of small products. The packaging methods of large digital products are mostly made of corrugated paper as packaging materials, which is much simpler in printing; small The packaging of digital products is very different. She is not only beautifully packaged, fully functional, with exquisite product patterns, but also a lot of exquisite craftsmanship.
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    Large-scale digital goods, such as home appliances, air conditioners and other goods, then their packaging and printing does not need to be very exquisite, exquisite, such goods are mainly to avoid bumping in the process of transportation and handling, resulting in problems in the quality of goods . Therefore, for such large-scale digital products, packaging must pay attention to safety issues and brand image performance, as well as the environmental protection of packaging materials.

    Small digital goods packaging, such as earphone packaging, Bluetooth audio packaging, such as precision instruments, they certainly need a fairly safe packaging design, but at the same time their packaging requirements have also increased. Because these goods are often displayed along with the packaging when they are displayed on the showcase, they can't be like the cartons of large electronic goods. These packaging designs must be applied to the product itself, and the brand should be promoted for the products and manufacturers. Not only can the packaging not reduce the consumer's desire to purchase, but also the packaging design to guide consumers to purchase.
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    Foreign and domestic packaging is also very different, whether it is from the commodity or packaging design, there is a big gap. Some of their box printing manufacturers have been designing and printing digital product packaging for a long time. They have formed a complete and detailed system from printing habits and design thinking, such as the positioning of goods and packaging materials. Choice, selection of printing equipment, design style, etc.

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