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    Some Requirements for Personalized Packaging

    2019-01-02 09:57:11 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 887

    People are said to be old and new animals, people also like beautiful things, that is the same in our box. People will also be interested in new packaging and in the design of innovative boxes, even if the contents of the packaging are not what they want. Personalized packaging innovation is the soul of packaging design, is the core competitiveness of packaging design enterprises survival and development. But we can not pursue only the personalization of packaging and ignore other important issues.

    1. Do personalized packaging design before the market to conduct research. In the previous article, we wrote about the importance of pre-design packaging to market research, how to get consumers 'psychological needs, and market packaging trends. It is not repeated here.

    2. Personalization in packaging should have visual impact. Many of our personalized boxes want to express their individuality to a large extent, and make different packaging; Attracting attention and attracting customers is our goal, deepening customer's attention to our packaging, more users 'recognition and favor; So to capture the characteristics of people looking at products, as we have said before, 83 % of people choose products by sight 1 % by hearing, 3 % by touch. Therefore, to strengthen people's awareness and memory of the brand, we must be familiar with people's consumer psychology, we must focus on visual research.

    3. The appropriate personality is the Environmental Protection of the packaging. People's awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger, and it has also evolved from the previous "slogan" to China's strategy. Environmental protection is the harmonious coexistence between human beings and the environment, and it is also the common pursuit of our packaging designers. In packaging design, we should consider the concept and social responsibility of packaging design, and combine them effectively to avoid excessive packaging. We can not graft the cost of businesses to consumers. We must protect the interests of consumers and also protect social resources.

    Regardless of how the packaging design pursues personalization, but the basic function still has to have, that is, the product information transmission, the product quality performance, we make personalization packaging design is sometimes also the trend of the market and consumption ideas. Therefore, in the pursuit of individuality, we must consider both the market and consumer groups and social issues.