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    The box design must have a strong visual impact

    2019-01-18 09:33:22 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 1639

    Now with the popularity and arrival of Internet marketing and the Internet of Things, the marketing methods of commodities have undergone tremendous changes. In the future, the goods are basically carried out online, then the brand image and visual impact of the goods will directly affect the consumer's consumption decisions. Therefore, we can improve the product's packaging design and improve the visual impact of the product packaging through packaging design, which will be the decisive factor in determining the sales of our products.

    First, we must consider the factors that determine the packaging graphics.

    1. The relationship between the packaging graphic and the contents of the package. We know that the packaging graphics can be summarized into three types: figurative graphics, semi-graphics graphics and abstract graphics. It must match the contents of the package so that the characteristics of the product can be fully conveyed, otherwise the meaning of existence will be lost. Our aim is to make Consumers generate associations and achieve the desired results of consumers. If this is not possible, it will be the failure of the design. We know that the preference for physiological needs is more specific, while the bias toward psychological needs is more abstract.

    2. The packaging graphics should be targeted, such as the age, gender, and education level of the consumer. What we have to do is that different packaging graphics are aimed at different customers, and it is more obvious in the youth consumer group. Therefore, in the design of product packaging graphics, we must accurately grasp, so that the design of the packaging graphics can be recognized by the object of appeal.

    Second, what are the forms of packaging graphics?
    In the packaging design, there are mainly the following types of packaging graphic expressions, which should be used flexibly in packaging design.
    1. Product reproduction

    Product reproduction allows consumers to directly understand the contents of the package in order to produce visual impact and demand. Generally, we use very specific and physical photos to show. We often have foods, fruits, etc., and use vivid graphics to increase people's desire to buy.

    2. Product association

    As the name suggests, Lenovo can think of another thing through this thing, through this function can be associated with another function. In general, it mainly depends on the shape characteristics of the product, the effect characteristics of the product after use, the static state of use of the product, the composition of the product and the components of the package, the source of the product, the story and history of the product, the characteristics of the place of origin and the national customs. Design packaging graphics to describe the connotation of the product, so that people can think of the package contents after seeing the graphics.

    3. Symbol of the product

    Good packaging design can impress consumers and increase people's desire to buy. This kind of factor that people have to like is a symbolic effect that is emitted by the package. The role of the symbol is to suggest that although the idea is not conveyed directly or specifically, the implied function is powerful and sometimes exceeds the concrete expression.

    4. Use a brand or trademark to make graphics

    Using a brand or trademark as a product packaging graphic can highlight the brand and enhance the credibility of the product quality. Many shopping bag and cigarette packaging designs use this form of packaging graphics.

    5. Product highlighting
    The so-called blessing is to show the opposite of the object is very prominent, so as to make the product image more vivid, strong and prominent.

    In fact, the above problems are all we can find in life, but we have no intention to pay attention to the district. Looking at and finding problems from the perspective of the consumer in the packaging design will make our packaging box achieve unexpected results.