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    The use of characters in the design of the box and the printing of the box

    2019-01-17 09:20:04 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 1597

    Pre-press work is a crucial step for our packaging printers to make packaging, and it requires a high degree of mastery of pre-press operators. The prepress work of most of our domestic printing houses is not done by professional printers, such as design finalization, typesetting and color separation scanning. In response to the above problems, we have made a brief introduction by summarizing the printing experience for many years, hoping to provide some help to you in printing.

    We know that characters are one of the important ways to express design intent. Reasonable use of characters can effectively promote the information and matching patterns to be transmitted.

    1. The font size, that is, the size of the font you need, is commonly used in the domestic system, and the international one is the point system. Of course, there are also standard regulations in our printing industry. The size of each point value of the font size is equal to 0.35mm, and the error is about 0.005mm. In addition to the number system and the point system, the font size is often measured in millimeters during printing and typesetting, which is called "level" and is represented by the letter J or K. Each level is equal to 0.25 mm and 1 mm is level 4. Prepress typesetting text generally ranges from 7 to 62, and also from 7 to 100. In the computer photo system, the point system and the number system coexist. When the designer makes the pre-press typesetting, the characters of the standard number must be converted into the series standard to be able to correctly grasp the character size. The conversion relationship between the number and the series is: 1J = 1K = 0.25mm = 0.714 points (P) 1 point (P) = 0.35mm = 1.4 (J or K)

    2. Song Style: The Song style characters are used in printing or in our usual use. The uses are very extensive. The characteristics of the Song style are: the shape is positive, the strokes are horizontal and vertical, the edges are angular, the font structure is neat and neat, and the strokes are very regular. The reading is comfortable and bright. In the box printing, it is mainly used to introduce the product attributes and features of the body part.

    Carcass: Also known as handwriting, it is a typeface that imitates the way of handwriting. The shape is correct and the strokes are smooth and distinct.

    Black body: the square body, the font is relatively thick, the font is solemn, the strokes are uniform, and the structure is conspicuous. We generally apply it to article titles or highlights, which are often used in box printing for content that needs to be highlighted.

    Parody: usually used for subtitles, essays, comments, citations, etc., and is also used in the body part in some books.

    Art body: These fonts are artistic fonts and are often used to beautify the layout. It can be used as the cover of the publication or the title of the promotion page, which can improve the artistic connotation of the printed matter and improve the grade of the packaging box.

    The characters we mentioned above sound simple, but it is still difficult to apply them to the packaging design. It is worth reminding that if you are not sure, it is recommended that you use the standard font and font size to complete the design. The purpose of this is to improve the printing efficiency of the box and the quality of the box printing.