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    Have inspiration in packaging design but can not design LOGO?

    2018-12-29 09:28:55 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 846

    When our designers create logo designs for boxes for new products, we often encounter the problem of the boss asking if they can do it. Designers will say, "I have inspiration, but I can't design it." Such answers often make people laugh. How do you solve this puzzle or breakthrough that is inspired but not designed? Here are some of the lessons we 've learned over the years.

    When you're thinking about a new logo, try to think about it in terms of the following key logo design techniques and methods.

    1. The golden section method: the golden section method is also known as the Golden ratio or gold spiral, which is considered to be a pleasing proportion. This split ratio can create a beautiful sign, which is conducive to the coordination of various design elements, more sense of harmony, balance and consistency.

    2. The full name group is legal

    The full name group method is one of the most common design techniques, that is, directly using the brand name design to become the enterprise L060, especially in recent years such LOG0 has become more and more popular, this benefit is low repeatability.

    3. Symbolic Expression

    Symbolic techniques use things, graphics, elements, or colors that have some connection with the content we want to express to express abstract connotations in a metaphorical way.

    4. Abstract representation

    This type of logo is usually used in corporate brands that do not have obvious feature elements or symbols, or when companies require L0G0 to represent corporate temperament, such methods are usually used.

    5. Cultural Inclusion Act

    The logo designed using this design method has obvious geographical characteristics and cultural characteristics. For example, the trademark design of some specialty products, the logo generally has the evolution of the folk culture and local characteristics of the area, people, and representative things. It has a strong identification effect and has an excellent effect on the improvement of brand tone.

    6. Gradient technique

    The logo designed by this design method uses similar and complementary colors for color matching. The logo designed is often characterized by good visual awareness and strong expressiveness.

    Of course, there are many ways to design a logo. Here, just say some of the more common methods for reference. On the basis of inspiration, you can make breakthroughs to design a logo that matches the product.