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    What are the key points of cost control for box printing?

    2018-12-28 09:29:50 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 941

    If we can improve the quality of the product and cut cost in packing, it is undoubtedly a breakthrough for a company. Now the packaging and printing industry is also increasingly fierce competition, profits have fallen sharply compared with the past, and the wave of digital printing has given some small printing manufacturers a fatal blow. After all, the cost of upgrading is too great. Some manufacturers simply can not complete the upgrading of production machines and face the risk of being eliminated; In this way, how to control production costs becomes particularly important. So what can you do to reduce costs and increase competitiveness in the printing process? Let's make a brief introduction.

    1. The entire quality control, improve the overall quality of the product.

    The whole quality control is the quality check of the entire process from the beginning of production to the final product shipment. Each link is of utmost importance, which affects the quality of the finished product of the packaging box and affects the product's conformity rate. This is important not only in small orders, but also in large orders, because large orders will save more costs and benefits. The pass rate represents the conversion rate from raw materials to final products in the production process of an enterprise. It is a key data. The higher the pass rate, the higher the conversion rate from raw materials to final products. This means that putting in the same raw materials can produce more products than the lower pass rate, and naturally can create higher profits.

    2. Improving conversion and utilization of printed materials

    This requires that we have a sufficient understanding of the printing material, so that the packaging printing material is fully utilized, that is, in the actual production to improve the utilization rate of layout, etc., to improve the usage rate of inks, etc.. Have a good understanding of all kinds of packaging materials, in order to make packaging printing according to different packaging requirements to choose the appropriate printing paper, avoid waste packaging, improve the conversion rate and utilization rate of materials.

    3. Standardization and standardization of printing

    Standardization and standardization is a process. The process of formulating, implementing and constantly improving standards is the process of continuously improving quality, improving management level, and improving economic efficiency. It is also a process that can enable enterprises to continue to develop. The standardization and standardization of operation can effectively improve the final product pass rate and increase the utilization rate of raw materials; Because standardization and standardization of operations can eliminate and avoid all kinds of bad habits in daily production, thus fundamentally avoiding the production of large quantities of waste products, and can reduce the probability of the existence and occurrence of hidden dangers in related quality and equipment. Avoid too much futility in production due to the impact of such problems, and then have a certain role in promoting production.

    The above is the packaging printing can effectively control the cost of several points, I hope to help you.