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    Why brand positioning before packaging box design?

    2018-12-28 09:14:46 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 819

    Like everything else, we have to be good at brand positioning before we do box design. So what's the location? Positioning is the first choice to create differentiation in the mind of potential customers. Positioning is the core of strategy and the premise of all operations.

    Positioning is divided into the following categories:

    Packaging Box

    What is the significance of brand positioning?

    1. Brand positioning can effectively convey information to customers. In the age of Internet information, people's access to information is also more extensive and convenient. The time spent watching mobile phones is longer than before, and the types of information are also varied.

    Since the emergence of the media is conducive to the classification of information, it is convenient for people to find corresponding communities and obtain corresponding knowledge according to needs. There are professionals and similar needs in the community, and information can also be exchanged. It allows us to move from one community to another.

    In order to attract consumers 'attention, some businesses use attractive titles to attract customers' attention, which is often counterproductive. It will make the effort go down the drain, and it will not achieve the effect of marketing.

    Research has found that people receive limited amounts of information and that customers need to remember designs that may be repetitive and memorable. The only wise choice is for us to design the packaging box in order to create an image of our product that will best impress potential customers. Brand positioning enables potential customers to have the correct understanding of the brand, which in turn produces brand preferences and purchase actions. It is a shortcut for corporate information success to potential customers 'minds.

    2. Packaging box brand positioning to cater to consumer habits

    Brand positioning is the act of establishing brand image to provide value. It is the process and result of establishing a brand image related to the target market. Generally people only pay attention to what they need, that is, people only accept what they like, do not like things generally do not care, see what they do not like will often show indifference, and will not discover its beauty. A good location can give people a sense of comfort. A bad packaging location people will compare it with other similar species to find out its shortcomings. The advertisements we see are carefully targeted and are often shaped by people's needs and expectations. Packaging orientation is to meet people's consumption habits, because the consumption habits are formed in the long-term life of people, it is difficult to change at a time, and to change people's consumption concepts requires us to inculcate our values repeatedly. Increase customer loyalty. People can only remember the top things, because people's memory ability is also limited at a time. In the absence of memory, the above is still formed after repeated. After the brand positioning is more conducive to marketing, the market is now more and more subdivided because the current product is constantly innovating and pursuing personalization, and packaging will change with the change of the product that the packaging field will also be refined. The positioning of new brands is generally aimed at surpassing existing brands, whether from a functional or a conceptual point of view.