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    Why emphasize cost effectiveness of the box choosing?

    2018-12-26 09:35:55 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 837

    In our box is also said that the value of the price, the value of the performance of the goods and the price of the ratio, is a quantitative measure of the extent to which the goods can be purchased. Our packaging box's high cost and high standard is: not only can meet the commodity packaging requirements, but also have a low price advantage. Many customers make custom boxes with multiple printing packaging manufacturers for repeated comparisons, and then choose a box manufacturer that they think is "cost-effective" for production. What kind of box is really cost-effective? How should we determine the packaging performance of the box? What mistakes do we encounter when we decide?

    I think that a truly cost-effective packaging box needs to have the following characteristics: 

    1. Packaging materials to be environmentally friendly, we can not only take into account the convenience of paper, but also have a later recycling and reuse; 

    2. The price is reasonable, which is the main consideration for our customers when choosing, because it is actually visible, which directly affects whether we choose the printing factory. Sometimes we encounter some customers who want to customize the small batch packaging box. Due to various reasons, the price is relatively high, and we will tell us why your family's price is so expensive and other issues;

    3. The strength of protection for goods, the original intention of packaging when protecting goods, the initial purpose of any packaging is the same, and some additional value will be considered later.

    4. Consumer Purchase and Transformation Another purpose of our product packaging is to promote the purchase rate of goods.

    Many of us now say that many packages on the market do not seem to be very different. This is actually a phenomenon of packaging homogenization, but now the packaging is more and more personalized and small batches. This homogenization phenomenon will gradually decrease. And some big brands with good reputation are still different in packaging design from those that are seriously homogenous, so it is inappropriate to say that the same words on packaging are not appropriate. The differentiation of packaging is the differentiation of goods, the difference of details casting, and the difference of casting brands.

    When we discuss the cost of a box, we can not only see the price on the surface, but also see the whole process from packaging design to production to sales. The overall grasp of the packaging box is appropriate, which is conducive to brand building and better trust with customers. After all, the cost of trust is still very high.