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    What problems need to attention when choosing the box manufacturer?

    2018-12-26 09:20:31 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 80

    Select the right box manufacturer, can say that the box is half Chenggongle. Because they use their professional printing skills and experience to solve all the printing knowledge you encounter and avoid wasting time. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a box printer?

    1. I show you only the effect picture, there is no box picture and knife chart. The purpose of customizing the packaging box is to upgrade the packaging box and distinguish it from similar products or packaging boxes. Customers need to consider a lot of details when making custom boxes, such as the reasons for designing such boxes, what difficulties encountered in the design process and how to solve it. If these questions are made clear to the customer, the customer will certainly agree with this, but we often see some of the packaging boxes are basically effective maps, it is difficult for the customer to stand as a designer to see all the details of the packaging.

    2. Pay attention to vision and ignore the product. We not only want to make the visual effects of the box fashionable and generous, but also important to let others understand what our packaging products are, which specific characteristics. In[ The text introduction of the product should be true, sincere, concise and clear self-introduction and full of visual effects, giving people a comfortable packaging impression.

    3. The packaging box is old. The personalization of packaging has become the trend of packaging. General printers have received very few orders for large quantities. At present, most orders are small quantities, which benefits from the personalization of packaging. Not only should the product be differentiated, but the packaging will also change with the product differentiation, because the product's personality needs to be expressed in the outer packaging. As packaging becomes more and more fashionable, packaging becomes more and more fashionable. Such packaging is more eye-catching. Sometimes people buy products because they like to buy products. They buy not products but packaging outside products.

    These are a few of the questions we need to pay attention to when choosing a printer. Of course, if you have a printing box, you can contact us. Our product drawings are all physical shots, with detailed knife charts, product updates and rapid changes. The packaging charts you see are all newly designed and produced by us.