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    How to print 3C digital package accessories?

    2018-12-12 11:12:26 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 85

    Digital products are essential products in our lives today, and also are best-selling products in the market. In the face of excessive market products, fast product updates, and brutal market competition, the exquisite 3C digital packaging boxes(we are familiar with mobile communications such as data cables, headphones, cell phone case, charger, etc.) can attract more customers for us. How can digital box printing be more sophisticated? I think this is a problem that digital manufacturers are all concerned about.

    Digital manufacturers often want to attract consumers 'attention by  exquisite printed boxes. The appearance is only one of the scales of good packaging. The choice of materials and processes can decorate  the box.

    In order to launch new products or upgrade , manufacturers will need to upgrade the original packaging so as to obtain more customer attention and consumption to attract consumers. This requires  design team to be sensitive and familiar with market.We use  consumer's point of view to make an objective assessment not  personal aesthetic .Some boxes are designed to highlight too many topics and do not express the main points they want to express, thus weakening the actual value of the packaging itself. The exquisite design of digital packaging box printing is to achieve the accuracy of information transmission, so that consumers to the product at a glance.

    Shenzhenjiajie printing is a 15-year 3C digital packaging service provider, focusing on box printing, Jia Jie's design team can accurately and quickly master the application of color, with the appropriate process and material, to complete the exquisite and qualified 3C digital packaging box customization.


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