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    What is the difference between the surface gloss and matte light of the box?

    2018-12-07 14:33:34 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 63

    Whether it is suitable for the surface of paper bags, book covers, labels or box printing, lamination can enhance the visual effects and touch of the product. It also serves as a protective cover against scratches and accidental damage.

    What's a dud?
    A simple way to determine whether a bag or box is optically laminated is to see if light is reflected off the surface. If not, you 'll see matte lamination!
    Next, evaluate the aesthetic properties of the surface. It looks sober(not shiny), but elegant and luxurious? Is the color a little soft and the depth of the color a bit lacking?

    These features define the matte laminate. Although the overall effect of the matte laminate surface is somewhat low-key, it is obviously high-end and complex.

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    What's a G loss laminate?
    Compared with matte lamination, the gloss has a shiny quality because the light bounces from the surface. The effect is vibrant, better image contrast and richer color depth.
    Facial pressure bags and magazines are more noticeable, and they can be seen as opponents of matte light. For this reason, they can be well applied to brochures, cover photos, perfume boxes and spine. Glossy lamination can be refined in a different way from matte lamination.


    Dumb lamination

    Glossy laminate pressure


    soft,higher level of visual sense

    shine,dynamic,high shock


    less scratch and wear

    Resistance to fingerprints, dust and dirt.
    You can easily remove dirt and stains from the surface of the gloss laminate.

    Accept ink

    you can write on no loght film

    Hard to write on smooth film


    casue no any puzale light

    Glare from lamination may cause problems in research posters.
    However, if the poster meeting is lit by the light placed above the poster, the glare will be pulled to the floor without causing any readability problems.

    Which one should you choose?
    Which better answer must be "What is laminated for? "As a premise, make a suitable choice. As noted above, each has its advantages and disadvantages, which may be irrelevant or meaningless.

    In fact, you can consider the "two things are best" scenario. For example, the application of glossy laminates on glossy labels makes bar code scanning easier and allows users to write when needed. Some people may think that matte laminate is exciting. Adding matte laminate to the matte label can provide lustre and smoother appearance, making their product packaging more exquisite, but Jia Jie suggests: expensive is not necessarily good. What do you need? It is their own positioning of the product, to choose the appropriate packaging box, not blindly pursue the pursuit of high prices. Packaging box customization is a very good way to solve this problem, which can not only save costs, but also expand the effect.

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