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    How to select headphone box manufacturer

    2018-12-07 11:34:54 Announcer:Shenzhen Gathe Printing Co., Ltd. 58

    When we are looking for earphone box customization manufacturers, we will be surrounded by various kinds of box printers, and we can not distinguish a satisfactory headphone box manufacturer; When it comes to making choices, it's not just about time. It's about energy and money. In choosing, we can choose according to the following points:

    1、clear self-needs

    Know what kind of headphone box you really need and what other things you need. For example, delivery date, price, printing quality, etc., this must be based on their own needs to choose.

    Earphone/Headphone packaging box

    2、reasonable price
    Price control, many companies in the choice of packaging printing factory always hope that others can give a price, and then choose. In fact, the printing factory can not quote us without our specific requirements and the number of clear regulations; Because different technology, size and quantity prices are not the same, so before consulting, you must be prepared before consulting.

    custom packaging box

    3、Is the manufacturer professional?
    Different printing factories are also good at different fields. Although they are all headphone packaging printing, packaging can also be divided into corrugated paper boxes, white card boxes, hardcover boxes, etc.. Each packaging printing factory will be good at it., especially on printing equipment, Different printing equipment can be printed in different processes, and the quality of printing is also different; In addition to the equipment and design team, when you do not design drawings, it is particularly important to choose a professional design team.

    Headphone packaging box

    4、Packaging Printing Factory Services
    Be able to follow up and react quickly to ensure that packaging printing can be delivered on time under the condition of quality and quantity, and bring a sense of comfort in the service so that customers feel that it is worth entrusting.
    In the process of screening, we should fully understand the information of the manufacturers, understand the market conditions, factory strength, and achieve win-win cooperation.

    5, printing materials are environmentally friendly
    The topic of environmental protection has always been emphasized in China no matter what industry it is, environmental protection has been put into China's development strategy. In the selection of printers can be judged from some points in their environmental protection;
    First, whether or not to use environmentally friendly inks: green is environmentally friendly inks, is composed of pure natural materials, good liquidity, suitable dry exercise, good adhesion, bright color, good transparency ink. This kind of ink is mainly waterborne ink, UV ink and waterborne UV ink three categories.

    Second, environmental protection and soft printing technology: Soft printing is recognized as one of the most promising printing methods. On the one hand, its wide adaptability and economy; Another more important aspect is the use of water-based printing ink, with good printing suitability and excellent environmental performance, has become a modern printing packaging green development trend.

    Alcohol vapor is one of the serious causes of the harm to our health in the printing shop, and alcohol can pollute our environment. Therefore, since the use of alcohols in printing technology, people have been thinking about how to stop using alcohols. The appearance of anhydrous offset printing technology cancels the alcohol substance running solution, which is very important for environmental protection.

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