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    Low Key Fashion,Just Be Simple

    memumi is the brand which be licensed by Apple Inc for protection case, she is belong to TGF Group Co.,Ltd with own factory in China.The special style is low key fashion,just make all be simple and simple.

    Since 2004

    Dec. 2004,memumi brand be built by Mr Yakuchi in Japan with fashional decorations

    May. 2005,memumi brand be expanded to Korea market

    Aug. 2006,memumi brand entered to Singapore market

    Oct. 2007,memumi brand  entered to Europe market

    June. 2008,memumi started to make apple accessories

    Oct. 2009,memumi apple case be expanded to USA and Canada market

    June. 2010,memumi apple case be coverd in Europe market

    Feb. 2011,memumi brand be bought by TGF Group with own factory

    Mar. 2011,memumi brand be expanded to China market for protection cases

    Since its establishment, memumi has covered most area of ChinaJapan,Thailand and other foreign markets, now we recruit agents for memumi from all over theworld. If you want to join us to create brighter future,  please contact us tolearn more details.