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    90% people don't know printing techniques.

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    90% people don't know printing techniques.

    Today, we tell you what printing techniques will be used in the packaging process?

    The reason why the exquisite packaging box is favored by many people is inseparable from its own printing process. Its appearance is exquisite, its structure is clever, and it has a good display and protection effect on commodities, thus increasing the added value of products. So what are the special techniques used in the process of making boxes? Divided into the following points.

    1. Technology of film covering

    The most common and commonly used is the film coating process, which covers the printing surface with a light film, or a dud film, which can enhance the structure of the packaging to wear resistance, and can also be waterproof, which can increase the brightness of the packaging or reduce the brightness of the packaging paper. The Bluetooth audio packaging box below uses the film coating process.

    2. Stamp and print technology

    Packaging box mostly use gold foil to improve level.Gold foil is add patetrns or pictures in gold artwork on the box which make it looks more luxury.

    3. Demobosed and embopssed artwork

    Sometimes the bump process is used to make local patterns or decorations feel embossed or carved. The beaten picture is presented in a form higher or lower than the paper. The charger box below uses the embossed process to show a good three-dimensional and layered sense.

     4. UV artwork

    There is a bright feeling on the surface of many boxes. Many customers, asked what effect is this? This is actually a silk printing process. The purpose is to allow local lines or picture to stand up and the background color of the printing surface  to obtain good visual effects. The box below is made with the UV process.

    Technology of GATHE introduced uo to  here today, there are more details of the process can search on packging artworks on website. 

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